Thank You – Poem for Remembrance Day

Thank You. To the soldiers who risked your life.

To the soldiers who died for us. 

You gave us freedom through your sacrifice.

A freedom that I most cherish.

Thank you, to your brave and strong canine friends.

Your loyal fellow soldiers. The unsung heroes.

At the frontlines, they stood with you to the end.

Their fearless stories, no one knows.

To the Mercy Dogs of Red Cross.

Who found and brought aid to the injured.

To the fast and swift Messenger Dogs.

Urgent messages were delivered. 

To the dogs who detected explosives.

To the ones that tracked enemies in the dark.

The terriers that killed rats in trenches.

And the Sentinel Dogs that stood guard.

To the Pack and Driving Dogs.

That pulled machine guns, food, supply carts.

To the Mascots and Cigarette Dogs.

All won their soldiers hearts.

To you and your special canine partners.

We would not be free without you.

Your sacrifice will always be remembered. 

Rest in peace. God bless you. And thank you.

By Angie Lee

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5 thoughts

  1. Not many people think of the K9 when it comes to this special day, but they too gave it there all. They were the furry heroes in these conflicts. To this day, they still have not found a more efficient way for certain tasks in war.

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  2. Woof Woof Woof Woof This is great Angie. I never take my freedom for granted and live my life everyday grateful to our soldiers and this sure opened MEIN EYES bout our canine friends!!! GJ!! now let’s get Lincoln to sing this.

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