DIY Homemade Jerky for Your Dog – A Cheap and Healthy Treat Your Dog Will Love

“Mmmm, I love homemade jerky! It’s my favorite! If only mum and dad would give me more than the quota for the day. (Sigh)” Samson


So a few years ago, we got a dehydrator. We had good intentions to use it to make our own beef jerky, dried fruits and vegetables, and even dried herbs. Well, that didn’t work out too well. I didn’t like the beef jerky, maybe because it wasn’t seasoned right. I didn’t dry fruit or vegetables because well, me eat them without someone shoving it down my throat? HA! I say, HA! Good luck!

And drying herbs? Well, I grew some herbs in a pot, but I got sick of taking care of them pretty quick. They grow like weeds! Who has time to eat all those fast-growing herbs? Those fast-growing little *@#*%! Oh uh, yeah anyway, yeah, so what perfect way to satisfy the dehydrator’s role than to assign it to make doggie beef, pork, and chicken jerky!

So I put it to work. And, it turned out wonderfully! Samson loves his homemade jerky. With no preservatives, no salt, no sugar, no seasonings, nothing! Just plain, bland jerky. Just what dogs love the most. To them, it is heaven on their palate.

So, how do you make your own jerky? Simple. Follow these steps: 

  • Buy a dehydrator. I’m on my second one, which cost me $70, but they come in different price ranges. 
  • Buy a beef roast. You can make pork, chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables, but for this post, I’ll use beef. Any kind of lean roast works fine. 
  • Cut up the roast in any size, but I cut in about ¼ inch slices, strips, or odd shapes, and I lay them flat on the trays. If I get an average to large size roast, it usually takes up 5 trays. Unlike the photo below, I fill the tray with the pieces close together to fit as many as I can. I plug it in, set the temperature max at 160 Fahrenheit or 70 Celsius for anywhere between 7-10hrs depending on the thickness of the slices. 
  • I check on them towards the end to feel how dry they are. When the slices feel dry enough, not too hard and dry, and not too soft, just medium. I unplug and wait till they cool down. I put some in a Ziploc bag and put it in the fridge. The rest I put in a freezer Ziploc bag and put in the freezer. The fridge jerky usually lasts quite a while there. I check to see the moisture level in the bag in case of any mold, but often, it lasts at least two to three weeks or more in the fridge. 
“I’ll pretend not to notice”

So there you have it. An easy and cheap way to give treats to your dog. I find that you get a lot more out of doing it this way than to buy the premade treats at the pet store. You hardly get much in those store-bought bags, and they cost so much.

Plus, those treats are filled with a tonne of salt, sugar, and preservatives, which are not suitable for your dogs’ natural digestive system. This way, your dog will thank you for it!

Sit, give five, jerky!

Thank you for reading this post. Do you have any other ideas for homemade treats? 

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  1. That’s a great idea, I never would of thought of it. I have a meat dehydrator that was much cheaper then the one you bought, and works fine. I will try this for Rufus.


    1. Hello! yes, I updated my post regarding the cost as I checked mine and it cost $70. I don’t know why I thought it was more! Thank you for your comment!


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