Dogs of Heaven – Poem

In the beginning, after the heavens, earth, waters, light, sun, moon, and each star with a name assigned. 

God created a creature. He said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind.” 

He called them Dogs of Heaven, and he saw that it was good. 

So he blessed them, and sent them down from heaven on to earth. 

They became dogs of this earth as special guardians of our suffering. Like angels, they sometimes show up and watch over our souls.

I think God wanted to remind me in the darkest shadows of my being, that his unconditional love reflected in these dogs, can make me whole.

For these dogs, know when I’m deeply anguished inside. They want to share in my pain and sorrow…if only to alleviate it. 

They lick away the tears and rest their head on my heart as I lay in bed till tomorrow…they stay still and quiet.

As if to tell me I’m never alone. God designed them to follow me around. 

He made it, so I have to rush home, to feed them each day and to let them out.

He made it this way so that I feel needed to have something to care for and live for when hope has faded.

He made them smart enough to teach things to, so they can provide aid to those who need it.


He made it, so when I walk through the door, my dog’s excitable joy is compelling.

To make me smile and forget about the troubles that can become overwhelming.

God gave dogs a voice called a bark to warn and protect us from predators and strangers.

He also gave them a keen sense of smell and eyesight to detect any danger.

Though people will never fail to disappoint me, dog’s are always wanting to please. 

You cannot match a dog’s love and loyalty, which puts me well at ease.

Now that I know why God created dogs, I can be at peace. So I can be prepared when I say goodbye.

I wonder how many dogs are up there when I look up to the stars in the sky.

I’ll know when their time has come to make the peaceful journey of transition, that one day we will meet again.

Because I know they will go from being dogs of earth, back to being dogs of heaven again.

By Angie Lee