What Does 4-D Mean in Dog Food?

bowl full of kibble and bowl full of canned dog food

Not fit for human consumption. Meat ingredients that have been sourced from Dead, Dying, Diseased, Disabled animals not fit for human consumption. Let us get straight to the point. The package looks pretty. The words sound beautiful. The package says quality ingredients, so it must be true, right? No. There’s no such thing as transparency in the pet food industry—only a false sense of hope.

The 4-D’s 

  • Dead – Animals found already dead anywhere including roadkill, feedlots, farms, factories, barns, shelter etc. Animals euthanized because of a disease or disability, including dogs and cats.
bird feeding on dead roadkill

2. Dying – Sick, injured, old age.

pig dying of sickness

3. Diseased – Sick, infected.

diseased turkeys in cages

4. Disabled – Injured, handicapped.

disabled cow dying in field

A dog’s stomach can handle decaying meat and can bury meat and bones and eat them later. Burying food underground means less oxygen, no light, fewer insects, cold temperatures that slow the decaying process down, and micro-organisms help with preservation and fermentation. Scavenging roadkill, or hunting down injured prey and eating it isn’t harmful. It’s the Rendering process of the diseased parts such as tumors and pus mixed in together with all the other non-food components intoxicated with all sorts of chemicals that are harmful to your dog. 

The Rendering Industry – Anything goes under the label Meat. Anything not fit for human consumption goes into pet food from any processing plant. This includes plastics, cattle tags, collars, leather, packaging, infected animals, zoo animals, farm animals, cats, dogs, tumors, body parts, etc. A By-Product cocktail consists of eyeballs, diseased organs, beaks, feet, cowhide, tendons, hair, recycled waste, urine, fecal matter, pus, meat with cancer, other diseases, roadkill, and did I mention tumors? 

shocked beagle

The meat gets colored or stained with an odor to show it is not fit for humans to eat. The process is called Denaturing. By the end of all the chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic nutrients, the final product is dog food. 

Would you eat the same bag of chips for three meals a day for the rest of your life and expect to not incur a disease?

Stay tuned for more detailed articles about the myth of the healthy kibble.  

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