Beagle Dog Breed – The Profound Hound

The tricolor Beagle stands on the grass in the park.

Dog of the Month!

Woof woof howl! Hooowwl! My name is Beagle. Although, some lads or lass’ like to nickname me Snoopy, you know, the famous cartoon?. Nice to meet you. Of all the hound dogs in the hunting industry, I’m honoured to have been picked for Dog of the Month. Sniff…sniff sniff…sniff sniff sniff…excuse me for just one moment friend, I’ll be right back.

Nosy History

Howl! I’m back. Thanks for being so patient. As far as I am aware, our type dates back to 400 BC in Greece and forward. Eighteenth century European farmers used my ancestors for hare hunting in the British Isles and Wales. We were settled into America by English settlers. We were bred to  follow our nose and hunt small game. 

beagle dog standing on the grass
Sniff sniff Sniff….interesting…sniff…

Follow Your Nose

Rabbit hunting was the popular sport back in the day. We are quite good at hearing and smelling something moving underground. We can wiggle our way into tight spaces to pull prey out. My sense of smell is unlike anything you’ve encountered before, I assure you. Eventually we evolved to other types of work such as searching airports for contraband food, therapy dogs, termite inspections, detecting bed bugs, and of course, providing wonderful companionship. We are excellent at tracking or any kind of nose work. 

Beagle, 5 years old, sitting in front of white background

Bark! Howl! Sniff! 

We are very friendly and happy dogs, nothing really gets us down. We are great with kids and people in general. Because of my friendly, playful, sociable and happy disposition, I make a pretty fine family pet. I’m very curious about life and all sorts of things that you may find irresistible at times. Like most dogs, I need sufficient amounts of exercise and mind stimulation. I am trainable, however, I admit my nose can get in the way and distract me at times, but I love to please so surely have patience with me! Given the right conditions, our average lifespan is 12 to 15 years. We typically come in two sizes, 13 inch and 15 inches. I shed, yes I do. Just because I have short hair does not mean I don’t shed. Because of my long floppy ears, I can be prone to ear infections. But all around, I’m pretty low maintenance. 

Warning! Don’t let me run loose or off leash when walking or in a yard without proper fencing. Like I said earlier, I can become quite easily distracted once I pick up an interesting scent and I might feel compelled to follow it to the end. I guess I could be stubborn at times. If you don’t want me to gander off losing the possibility of you finding me then, please keep me on a leash. Another thing is I love food! Who doesn’t? I like to eat so watching my weight is important. I tend to bark if I’m too lonely but can be quite vocal anyway. Some humans might say they find my different sounds quite endearing.

Well I hope you have a little better understanding of me now. Now I must be on my way, I just picked up an odd scent so I’ve got some tracking to do. Good day! Sniff sniff…

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