A Letter to My Human Who Rescued Me – Poem

owner holding her dogs paw close up

To my human, 

When we met, I was confused and nervous. I wasn’t sure what was going on

The day you took me to your home, I was scared of what might go wrong

But you fed me, gave me water and a warm, soft place to sleep

You gave me my own space for the first few days and let me be

You didn’t get mad or scream at me, just waited for me to come to you

You didn’t force me to do anything I wasn’t ready to do

You showed me a kind of love and affection that I never knew

 And as time went on, my trust in you grew.

Anger and physical strikes have been my only human contact

It took me awhile to see that you are different than that

You showed me that not all humans are bad

You showed me that even humans can feel sad

You taught me that goodness does exist in the human race

Through your example, there is such a thing as grace

 I want you to know that I am grateful to you

For saving me, for being my rescue

I will never forget the love you showed me

I will live beyond death pledging my loyalty

I was beaten, starved and left alone to die

Curled up in pain, hiding to survive

At a time when I could not bear to go on living

Your kindness and patience showed me that life can be forgiving

Angie Lee

dog rests gently on his master's shoulder while looking the view

2 thoughts

  1. So true Angie! And then there are the people that get pets, and then realize how much work they are and get rid of them😪


  2. WOW!! I learned so much about Samson! What a great Mommy he has! Very touching he’s a special one, Angie 🙂


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