German Shepherd – The Heroic Stoic

Healthy purebred dog photographed outdoors in the nature on a sunny day.

Dog of the Month! – August

Attention! Yes, hi everyone. My name is German Shepherd. I am picked to be Dog of the Month. I am pleased to have this honour. I will continue to pledge my loyalty to you, my owner, and work hard to please you. Thank you.

German Shepherd guarding herd of sheep feeding Skudde. Winter on the farm.

How I Came to Be 

From 1864-1936, lived a man who was a German cavalry officer later captain named Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz. He took an interest in selective breeding in order to develop a better shepherd dog to handle the different types of sheep in Germany. He named us the Deutscher Schäferhund (German Shepherd Dog). However, our name changed to just the Shepherd Dog by the American Kennel Club because of hostilities toward Germany during the war. In Britain, we were renamed the Alsatian Wolf Dog by the UK Kennel Club in 1919 because they wanted us to be more popular but didn’t think we would be if we had German as part of our name, even though we came from there. But the good news is, our real name came back eventually and we are more popular today than ever. So even though we originally started out being used to herd sheep, which we still do today, now we have a whole list of impressive roles we can fulfill.

My Impressive Character and Skills

I am loyal, fearless, confident, intelligent, alert, eager, and agile. I can adapt to different environments and situations with ease. I am strong and fit, but graceful and swift, I’m versatile and athletic. I am excellent at herding, tracking and agility. Our jobs are many, including but not limited to companion, herding,  service dog, watchdog, police dog, military, bomb detection, drug detection, working dog, protection, therapy, search and rescue, sports, agility, seeing eye dog for the blind, hearing assistance dog, sentry duties, messenger dog. The list goes on. Don’t be fooled! To some, I might look intimidating but I have a big heart and am dedicated to showing my love and loyalty. 

My Good Looks and Health

I have a double coat and I do shed, yes. My size is from 22 – 26 inches from the shoulder blade. I need plenty of exercise to be mentally sound and physically healthy. I need a good diet to maintain my strength and good looks. I can be prone to a variety of medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, bloat, arthritis, myelopathy, pancreatic insufficiency. 

A Life With Me

 I love being with you, my owner. I am protective of you. I can be your eyes, ears, nose or voice. I will be by your side always.