4 Ways to Bond with Your Dog

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I admit, I haven’t always bonded with a dog. Was it the dog’s fault? (Sigh) No, it was mine. For example, when my partner at the time wanted a dog of his own to be a companion to my beloved Eskie and he so happened to pick out the most rambunctious, obnoxious German Pinscher of the entire litter! Well, it wasn’t a match made in heaven for me. But looking back, I realized I really didn’t give him much of a chance. It’s funny how sometimes, you can meet a dog for the first time and feel connected with each other and, other times, you’re with a dog for a while and it takes time to develop that special bond.

Senior man with his dog in park on an autumns day

Here are 4 ways to develop a bond with your dog that has worked for me:

  1. Going for walks. Walking is a built in mechanism in canines. When you walk together, you establish a rhythm and understanding of each other.
  2. Training. Training with your dog will develop trust and communication between you two. It helps you to know how your dog reacts to your cues, and how to adjust your communication skills. Also, your dog will know what you expect of them.
  3. Playtime. This is a great way to release any tension, stress or anxiety that either of you have and really establishes a connection between both of you.
  4. Brushing/Massaging. I find this a very relaxing, stress reliever for both of us. When I brush and massage my dog, he loves it. It feels good for him and I relax feeling less stressed.

It’s true that a bond doesn’t always happen right away but, with some time and effort, it will always happen.

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  1. Brushing and massage is so right on! When I have to check the puppies for ticks…they relax…and enjoy…and we are all better for it🤗🌻🐝


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