What is a Titer Test?

Who are we visiting now mum?

Hi! Samson here. Mum thought it would be good for me to explain what a Titer Test is since…well…I’ve been through it and all. I have to admit, I, at first knew absolutely NOTHING about a Titer test. I was just happy to go for a car ride on a hot sunny day and we ended up in this place. I felt there was something off since we don’t usually drive too far for a walk. But none the less we went for a little walk around an unrecognizable neighbourhood and ended up in this building. I was in a good mood until we were stuck waiting in this warm room for a very long time!

Something’s up here…

I didn’t have a good feeling about this no more. Something’s up. Well I sure found out what the motive was. I was there for a test called the Titer test. It was a Veterinary Clinic! These two females came into the room and they were really nice to me but only because they wanted to take a needle and stick it in my leg and take blood from me. So I learned that a Titer test is when the Vet takes a blood sample from you and sends it off to a lab for testing. When they get the lab results back, they find out if you have antibodies to common viruses such as Parvo, Distemper and Aeno. These are viruses that I would have been vaccinated for when I was a puppy and some Vets clinics require you to re-vaccinate for these every year. A Titer test will tell you if you are still immune to certain viruses which means you do not need another vaccination. Over vaccination has been a detriment health issue for dogs which have caused more illness. A Titer test prevents sickness by letting you know that your dog is healthy has the antibodies to fight off these viruses along with a healthy diet.

When that girl gave me the needle to take a sample of my blood, I did not feel a thing. It was not painful at all! and they gave me some good treats! and lots of pets! I left happy. Mum, you can take me there for a Titer test any time you want !