Woof Woof! As I am getting up in my years, I’ve decided to retire. I will still be contributing to my diary from time to time so hope you still keep me in mind! Samson.

Hi! I am a Certified Professional Dog Groomer, and a Certified Canine Massage Therapist.

I’ve studied and researched everything I could about Dogs, Holistic Health, Alternative Therapies. I have Certificates in ‘Advanced Canine Nutrition‘; ‘Transitioning to End of Life Care in Animal Hospice’; ‘Dawn of the Dog’ and ‘Pet First Aid’ in addition to Dog Grooming and Canine Massage Therapy.

I know grooming can be stressful, for your dog and myself as well. That’s why I want to provide a quiet, less chaotic environment. I want to provide your dog with a quality groom or massage without sacrificing his/her mental well being. I absolutely DO NOT believe in rushing to fit many dogs in a day.