Woof Woof! It’s Samson here! Thanks for visiting. As I am getting up in my years, I’ve decided to retire, and let my mum take over. I will still be contributing to my diary from time to time though so hope you still keep me in mind! Samson.

Hi there! I am a Certified Professional Dog Groomer, and a Certified Canine Massage Therapist. After working many years in the office, it took a swift kick in the butt to realize I wasn’t meant for anything else in life but to work with dogs. This IS my calling!

Since I was born, I was drawn to dogs. For all those years, I studied, researched, and read everything I could about our canine friends. I have extensive knowledge in Behaviour, Training, Alternative Holistic Health, Certificates in Canine Nutrition and Transitioning to End of Life Care in Animal Hospice.

Samson and Angie

When the grooming gets tough, send your dog to us!